Reprint of 3D Construction Modeling

July 27, 2008

Classic book using SketchUp for construction modeling

Classic book using SketchUp for construction modeling

3D Construction Modeling

Do to many requests, we’re reprinting the book 3D Construction Modeling and distributing it to booksellers and offering it again on Amazon. The book includes a trial version of SketchUp V4, which is a much simpler and basic program than Google SketchUp.

V4 has black and white icons, V5 has color (and new icon shapes) and an organizer called the Outliner. The Google SketchUp version adds a bunch more stuff like Layout, performances, sketchy edges, warehouse imports, photo match, etc. All design features that are not always necessary for most construction models. At least we never use them.

The book covers the fundamentals of building a piece-based construction model using the tools you find in all versions of SketchUp, but does not go beyond what is necessary to plan, layout, and build a construction model. This includes site planning and site layout modeling and subsequent chapters on how to fabricate and install the pieces of a wood frame building (and take them apart). There is also a chapter on shade and shadow, animation, and other simple effects in SketchUp.

The value of this book is that it introduces the reader to the basics of construction modeling using this simpler version of SketchUp — making the transition to the current version easier. It remains popular because it helps readers understand the piece-based concept of assembly and production modeling.

We are publishing a companion to this book later this year titled “How a House is Built.” The new book is not an upgrade in that it will not be a step–by-step hands-on learning experience like this one. But it will show how both a house and a construction model of the house are built using Google SketchUp, including mechanical, electrical, and plumbing as well as a “How To” page with video demonstrations rather than tutorials.

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